Why not visit Palermo this summer…


buildings in parlemo
The buildings in Palermo were stunning

Palermo, a beautiful city on the coast of the Isle of Sicily. Visiting Palermo was the second time I had visited Italy with the first being in the mountains when I was a kid skiing. I was surprised to be honest. I wouldn’t of thought it would be like the way it was. Very similar to Spain the buildings have been built high, the streets were narrow, sort of a Barcelona look but there’s one main reason I’m writing this blog.

beautiful girls in palermo
I was checking out thew zoom function on my camera.

The locals, fuck, the locals. I have never been to somewhere more beautiful, the guys, well trimmed like perfect looking, the girls, oh my god, it was literally like “marry me now”. Now Palermo is apparently the home of the mafia so do keep your wits about you but don’t let it stop you speaking to the locals. First girls will avoid you unless you at least try and speak some sort of Italian, lucky for us we had a Spanish speaker among our group and because the Spanish language is so similar to the Italian it worked in our favor.

Small back ally streets

We ended up going out on the first night and met these 4 guys in a bar that wasn’t popular with tourists. Straight away they were like you don’t want to drink here it’s boring. We were made to follow them and ended up walking down this ally. My initial thought was that we were going to end up getting jumped, robbed and beaten up but you take them chances when you’re young, I’m glad I did.

Meet the locals and find those hidden gems

The ally opened up into a courtyard. It was amazing, about 100 people where dancing to these huge PA speakers that had been set up by the locals. It was like popular house music being played and it looked like it had just started. We danced the night away with these guys and then met some local girls.

local girls italy sicily parlemo
Also find time to meet the local girls too!

As I was passing my phone to one of the girls to get her number, faster than I could blink, my phone was gone. This guy had come out of nowhere and just snatched the phone right out of my hand. The girls screamed and told me not to worry and that I would get it back. They then rang up the guy, yes it was one of their friends. At the time I was like,“have I just been set up” I had no idea what was going on but suddenly this guy shows up, says he is really sorry and didn’t know I was friends with these girls, gave my phone back and walked off. My friend at this time wanted to go and knock him out but I wasn’t assed, I had a hot Italian girls number and my phone back.

car park club in parlemo
The place where we partied the night before was literally just a car park the next day.

The night settled down and we proceeded to go to bed ready for the next few days of visiting the city. The marina in the bay was nice to visit and the beaches where lovely. Visit the bars along the promenade, its cheap and chilled out. If you love shopping you have come to the right place. The main street has all the fancy shops so spend, spend, spend. Or spend your husbands/mum/dad’s money ;).

Of course make sure you finish the night with a bang.

All in all I would fully recommend a weekend break in the city or even a week travelling around the Island of Sicily. There’s plenty to do and see. Check out trip advisors  top ten things to do on the Island, plan your trip and enjoy.

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Dan xx

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