Places you could visit

Here you will find some of the places you could visit. I get asked all the time “what country should I go to”. To be honest I couldn’t tell you where to go, that is totally up to you but I can tell you my stories and give you advice on the places I have been. Even a starter bucket list.

Bent Palm Tree Koh Tao there aren't many places like
This bent palm tree is on an incredible island in Thailand called Koh Tao

In this page you will find the┬ácountries I have been to and the places within those countries I’ve visited. At the age of 22 I had been to Wales, Spain and Italy. That’s it, from 22 I began an adventure that became an addiction, hobby if you will. Many places are easy to travel too (even easier if you don’t live on a cold wet shitty Island).

Don’t be worried about travelling

People get worried about travelling to new places. Don’t be its easy to book a flight or catch the train. Most of the time its just a click away. I would never book directly from the airport, that is costly, I know this as I have missed three flights so far and had to do so.

Train from Bangkok to Pai just another few places to go
After i missed a flight i had to take a train which led to another incredible adventure.

There are hundreds of thousands of places you could visit on your next adventure. Just click the country and there you will find where the country is located, the places I’ve been, facts about the country, useful information such as price of beer (obviously), how to speak the basic language, embassy numbers should you ever get into trouble etc. You can use this as a bucket list or just as advice on where to travel.

Countries I’ve been to so far