The fresh Prince’s taxi fare and road trip that came with it.

The fresh prince’s taxi ride to Bel Air

So while I was sunbathing in the 14 degree British sun catching up on my tan, as you do. I heard my little sister singing the theme song of fresh prince of Bel Air. We all know the song, if you’re a nintys baby you will be able to recite it word for word but how long must that taxi have taken.

Image from bustle


So how much did it cost

Well according to google maps it takes 40 hours non stop so unless you shovel LSD down the taxi drivers face you aren’t getting there in 2 days. Now the thing that amazes me is the cost of the taxi. According to the fare would be just under $7289. I mean fuck, I can fly around the world 3 times over for that sort of money.

And the road trip involved?

Now lets look at the road trip though. He would of traveled for a week, if of course he didn’t want to stop off and do other things. I hope most of you would want to make the most of this 2725 mile trip. Mr smith would have been able to visit 11 states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finally getting to California. You could even extend the journey and be a legend stopping off at Vagas along the way. I mean if his uncle could pay a taxi fare that much I’m sure he could bail him out of Vagas should things go wrong.

Other options?

There are other options of course. He could of backpacked it and walked the route taking nearly 80 days, walking 12 hours a day. I think it would have been easier maybe taking a flight, just not united airlines…

image from The Daily Touch

All in all though Will, It must have been one hell of a road trip and im not gonna lie, I am so tempted to go over to the US and do it. If anyone has a better road trip for me to venture out on please leave it in the comments below. If you have road trip stories I would love to hear about them as well.



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