Benicàssim festival music and fun in the sun

Benicàssim Festival

Benicàssim festival, a truly awesome week in sunny Spain. Are you sick of wet and cold festivals? Well this might be for you. I’ve been to a few different festivals in my time so far but this one is definitely up there with the best. Benicàssim festival is located in Spain and it runs from the 13th to the 16th of July. Peak time for the weather especially as its on the coast. Its half the price of Glastonbury and just as fun.

Bar Barcelona train station
A small bar outside the train station in Barcelona.

So it was my first time away, I had been on two flights before this holiday so I was a bit nervous about flying. We flew from Liverpool to Barcelona. Flights were super cheap, I think less than £100. Upon arriving on Barcelona we began what would turn out to be a 7 day binge, non-stop. To get to Benicàssim festival we took the train costing no more than 40 Euros, it takes about 2 hours and the station isn’t far from the festival ground when you arrive. You can use this link to book the train.

Car park party bennicassim festival go kart arena
Outside the go kart arena. Most people meet up here before the car park party.

Benicàssim festival – car park party Tuesday Night

We arrived a day early. I would recommend doing the same as a few people turn up on the night before and have what we called “the car park party”. We arrived around 4pm, not many people had showed up by this time so it was decided that we would go and do a little bit of drunken go karting.

Car park party bennicassim festival
Car park party the day before the festival starts. Well worth it.

Right outside the car park is a Go Kart centre. It costs 15 Euros a race and it was fucking awesome. We spent a good hour racing around and slowly the bar that is next to the go kart centre started filling up. A pint was less than 2 Euros, coming from England it was super cheap. Everyone eventually drafted into the car park and the fun began. I just dotted around from group to group meeting tons of people. The thing about festivals is that everyone is super friendly and they want to meet others. I mean imagine if I started walking around a pub in England and just sat on different tables speaking to randoms, I would probably get a slap.

car park party benicàssim festival
Morning after the car park party, one of the lads looking fresh as usual.

That night we all slept on each other, using other people’s legs as a pillow. The only downfall of the car park party is that you have to sleep rough on the first night. Didn’t bother me or others, but just be prepared.

And of course myself trying to look like I got some sleep.

Benicàssim festival – Wednesday

Once in the camp we set up our tents, at around 8am. There were these fucking bugs making this buzzing sounds until around 5pm each day. This is why I would say go and sleep on the beach, I’m a light sleeper (unless I’m completely comatosed) so I can not sleep though the fucking hissing.

First night watching the local bands. Also getting my dick sucked as you do…

The first night was the early bird night so they have locals bands playing in smaller tents, which I thought was pretty fucking cool. It finishes early so its a good idea to take a walk into the town on this night and party with the locals. There’s a few Irish bars and clubs in the town which are fun and they are all super cheap for drinks. Most people you meet are also going to the festival so I kept seeing familiar faces from the car park party everywhere.

First night out in the town of Benicàssim. This is outside the Irish bar which I would recommend visiting.

Benicàssim festival – Thursday

The Thursday is the first official day of the festival. Of course the bands don’t start until 1800  because it is too hot so, you may as well go and enjoy the beach. They don’t finish until 5 in the morning, even then there’s DJ tents that don’t stop. Its not as easy to crowd surf especially because the festival is on gravel not grass so be careful, especially in those mosh pits.

benicàssim festival dancing
Friday night, main bands played all night. Literally danced the night away.

Benicàssim festival – Friday

By Friday you need rest, but we just cracked on. We decided to walk down the the town through the day and perched ourselves outside the market. Watermelons cost 30 cent and a big bottle of sangria costs less than 1 Euro. Today we decided to make some friends and create the fountain party. It ended up with a lot of people in this fountain which we had poured loads of washing liquid in so that it turned into a massive bubble bath.

Fountain party, literally all day in this place. Spot me in the MANKINI.


The bands on Saturday that night were amazing. It was the third time I had seen Arctic Monkeys and they killed it that year. I met people that night who had bought some pills and were completely fucked up, which leads me on the point that if you do that shit at festivals I wouldn’t try it here. Everyone told me they were either a waste of money or dangerous.

Who else was gonna be in a mankini singing Arctic Monkeys. Look at that tanline.

Benicàssim festival – Hungover sundays

I was a complete mess on Sunday. On the Saturday night I had drank that much red bull that I couldn’t sleep. I went and sat on this hammock and stared at this guy for about 2 hours. He was in a chair on the opposite side of the path. I could tell he was also fucked but none of us could speak or move. We just sat there starting, he looked at me as we both knew none of us could move, then of course the fucking bugs started again so I knew it was 8am.

Cheering the bands on during the Saturday night gig.

That day I went down to the beach to put on my sunscreen. That was me burnt out and I slept the whole day. It wasn’t a good sleep either. You might of had it too after a big sesh, but I kept getting shooting pains to my heart and waking up, I was so fucked.

The last night was a wipe out, I literally couldn’t drink any more so I just partied sober. It finished off with The Killers, and the next thing I knew it was the morning. The train station is an absolute nightmare on the Monday. Either go early or go and spend the day in Benicàssim town. We sat for a few hours in a massive queue trying to get on the train to Barcelona. This of course leads me on to the next part of my trip, Barcelona. You can find my next blog about barcelona here.

If you think Benicàssim festival is down your street you can pick up a ticket for 149 euros here. I hope you enjoyed the read and come back for more.

Dan xx

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