Who am I

I’m Dan, a 26 year old lad from a small city called Carlisle in the north west of England. My accent is a mixture of northern England due to moving to the Wirral at the age of 10, then working all over the country. From a young age I was given sound advice from my mum, “Dan, make sure you travel the world, I never got the chance to”. Of course being a kid at the time, I ignored this until the age of 22. I now work as a cartographer, making maps etc, I won’t bore you.

benni festival party indian about me
Benni Festival in spain, sleep through the day and party at night
My writing style

I’m vulgar as fuck, I swear alot, my English is atrocious and I can’t spell as well as your standard journalists but I don’t leave out the gory details. If you are easily offended this probably isn’t the site for you, most of my stories are rude and downright nasty, I have visited some fucked up whore houses in the Philippines, I have tattooed my ass in India, I have been in jail in Bali, I tell it how it is.

Rock climbing cyprus heights about me
Rock climbing in Cyprus, I’m fucking terrified of heights.
How this site came about

While bored in work one day I decided to create a blogging site, writing down my crazy drunken stories so I can read back later on and have a laugh. If eventually people also read my stories and enjoy them then that is just a plus.

Naked Pai Canyon Ass Tattoo
I like to be naked. Don’t ask why.
What else

I have many ideas for this website I want to inspire people to travel without “quitting my job and finding myself” I want to prove that you don’t have to do that, you can still visit all kinds of places through SAVING money and not wasting your time in the pub every weekend.

Found another brother on the island of Thailand.

On top of all of this good shit each country I’ve tried to give information that might come in useful should you end up wanting to visit these countries. Have a look at where I’ve been and just click on your chosen country.

I hope you enjoy the site and come back every week as I plan on posting at least once a week.

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