5 tips to know when visiting Barcelona

Ba Ba Barcelona

Busking on La Rambala, Barcelona
Busking on La Rambla

Barcelona, such a magnificent city. The buildings are beautiful. The streets are lively and the booze is cheap. As usual I have to talk about the alcohol.

1. During the summer months choose a hostel with air conditioning

I’ve been to Barcelona twice now and would happily go again. In the summer the heat is immense. Lets start with my first bit of advice, get a hostel with air conditioning.

When the guys start giving out free massages. Barcelona
When the guys start giving out free massages.

Or for you rich people out there go get a hotel. I made the mistake of getting the cheapest hostel I could find on La Rambla. Yeah it had a balcony but man the humidity was unbearable. To be fair both times I’ve been were during the hottest months.

2. check out the bars on the beach and buy drinks off the locals

So most backpackers stay on La Rambla street, this seems to be where the parties are at. They have bar crawls that end up at the beach which is situated at the end of the street. More advice time, When going into these bars don’t bother buying beers and drinking them in the club. Save those extra Euros and go out of the back where most people are having a beach party. Guys will walk up and down the beach selling cans for 1 Euro. Buy six play a few drinking games and go and dance the night away.

A silver double decker bus in a sandwich bar in Barcelona
A silver double decker bus in a sandwich bar on the beach in Barcelona

There is an amazing restaurant on the beach near the clubs that sold great pancakes and inside the bar was a double decker bus which was actually the kitchen, well worth visiting. The sand on the beaches gets really hot so make sure you have your sandals ready.

3. Make sure you visit Gaudis Gardens

Take the time to walk around Barcelona or of course you can take the tour bus. It’s not much and takes you all the way to Gaudis gardens which are fantastic. The mosaics are beautiful and you can get all the way to the top where you can take a picture overlooking the whole of Barcelona.

Barcelona View from the top of Gaudi's gardens
View from the top of Gaudi’s gardens

If you love football you can visit the Nou Camp as well. This is where the mighty Barcelona play. You can see the ground and visit the changing rooms and trophy cabinets.

4. Stay away from the Prostitutes lads.

While I was in my hostel I had to sleep on the first night, bare in mind I had been on it for 7 days I was fucked. The first night I lay there drifting off and to what felt like 5 minutes I was suddenly woken up! Screams pierced the room “He’s coming, he’s coming, help help help”. I Fucking shit myself this guy across the room was stood up having a night terror. That’s one thing about sleeping cheap you deal with this. After this sleep for me wasn’t an option, my heart was still racing so I decided to go outside. Now the Spanish literally sleep all day and party all night.

© Edu Bayer. Published in El País and Elpais.com.

I walked outside and the street was full of people just drinking and having a good time. Within 5 minutes I had 3 prostitutes ask me if they could give me “the best blowy of your life” for 5 Euros. Tempting as it sounds I’ve heard horror stories of them keeping razor blades on them and threatening to cut off your dick if you don’t pay them more. My advice lads, find some lovely lass the hard way.

5. See the Sarada Familia (Gaudi’s Church)

It’s a must. Again designed by the great Antoni Gaudi the catholic church was built in 1882. Now I say built what I meant was started. It still hasn’t been built and is not due to be completed until 2028.

Sagrada Família Still under construction
Sagrada Família still under construction

It’s huge and should be up there with one of the wonders of the world. I look forward to its completion as it permanently has scaffolding around it at the moment which destroys the beauty of the architecture.

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